“Bodies may be flesh and bone, but lives are made of stories...

...stories remembered, embodied, and retold. John Mifsud’s All Clear is a testament to the power of love, courage, and redemption at the core of a family. This is a beautifully written, powerful book.”

— Claudia Mauro, Editor, In Praise of Fertile Land


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John Mifsud, Jr.

John was born in Sliema, Malta and lives in Oakland, California. He is a playwright and filmmaker published in three anthologies including New Men, New Minds: Breaking Male Tradition by Crossing Press and Boyhood: Growing Up Male – A Multicultural Anthology by the University of Wisconsin Press. He has written and directed several original scripts for the theatre including Lavender Horizons, Living Dreams and At Second Sight. He has also written two one-act plays for Black History Month entitled They Called Her Moses and Angels’ Wings Flyin’. He won the 2001 Jack Straw Writer’s Award in Creative Non-Fiction and curated the same program in 2005. John produced, directed and scripted two films entitled Finding Our Way Together and Speaking For Ourselves, a national award-winning PBS documentary.